Happy New Year from Me

Mistress Elaina

Happy New Year, perverts!

Not only a New Year but the start of My 50th celebrations for all of this year… So, if you forgot to tribute Me (naughty thing), then it's not too late! Wishlists can be found here, and there is something for all budgets. Tributes not only find you in good favour but is a way you can help your Mistress from afar. If a real-time session is not affordable right now, or you are nervous, tributing is a way you can help support Her and Her work. Perhaps it might open a dialogue that would put you at ease, or maybe it would make you feel like you belong… the motivations are not exhaustive.

This brings Me to this month's topic: supporting your Mistress. I saw a tweet the other day, it got Me thinking. What does service mean to you? What drives you to want to serve? Whilst I could harp on about the virtues of the Femdom lifestyle, I wanted to write a little about motivations.

I receive comments occasionally about TRIBUTE. If I'm requesting payment, then surely I'm a Findom, right? Or it's all about the money, I don't care about you, I must be fake.


Sure, we've all heard of the subs that have got caught out, been lied to, had money stolen...but what about the subs that have grown, been nurtured, had a sense of belonging, and achieved their goals? Put it this way; you wouldn't walk into a supermarket, do your shopping and walk out without paying, would you? Those things in your basket need to be paid for. Someone spent time, energy and money into producing that stuff. The same goes for Pro Dommes.

I provide a service, a very passionate service, I might add. The same service you may receive from a physiotherapist, a hairdresser, or a mechanic. We have a certain skill set, which we worked hard and trained for. Invested in. This investment needs a return when we execute that skill.

Whilst some out there believe we are rinsing the subs of their hard-earned cash, I believe that if there is a dialogue, and you are serious, then you would not see it as an issue to pay for that dialogue.

Contrary to popular belief, Us Dommes are unlikely sitting around, in full latex, waiting for someone to appear majestically. We have lives, usually pretty vanilla lives, doing mundane stuff, just like you. And we have bills to pay, just like you.

So how can you serve, if you don't have the finances to do so? There are many ways;

Are you local? Could you offer to run an errand that would make Her day easier? How about a skill? Could you offer Her help with a project? Are you good with social media? Maybe you could engage with Her posts to increase their reach, maybe design some posts and see if She likes them and would like to use them?

Just a few things… My point is that service isn't always about money, although we all need it to pay the bills. There is always a way you can help if the gesture is true. That said, too many times I then hear the words 'after I have done (x y z) maybe you would whip, spank, blah blah blah me in return'. We are not kink facilitators, and there is nothing more off-putting than this statement as it demonstrates the sub's own needs will always come before their Mistress.

So, important lessons to come away with: service is about the need and the want to please. This in itself is what drives the truly loyal service sub. Anything they get in return is just an added bonus. The joy I receive watching this unfold is My motivation. The need to please Me, the need to suffer for Me, the need to feel Owned by Me, the need to be controlled by Me. Such a delight and certainly something I will ALWAYS cherish and nurture.

Until the next time...

Elaina x