September Musings

Mistress Elaina

Welcome perverts!

This month I have decided to write about humiliation.

My session experience

Last week I was in session at My Southsea Chambers. These are a domestic setting, thus not as intimidating for those who find a dungeon environment a bit too overbearing or those who like a bit more space to dress up in or practice service chores. In this instance, I chose this venue so We could role-play the initial starting point of the session; I was to find the loser in My bedroom, masturbating over My gorgeous underwear! What a naughty pervert. As you can imagine, I was most angry at finding the pathetic whore going over My knickers!

Thus, I deemed it necessary to humiliate the bitch so they didn't make the same mistake again. There are many ways to humiliate, depending on the subject involved, which is why I find it not useful but absolutely necessary to learn beforehand what makes you tick psychologically. What is an excitement trigger for one is not going to have the same effect for another. Therefore, getting to know you is of great importance to Me. This is why I ask what your likes, dislikes, your hard/soft limits are and what prior experience you may or may not have had. Over time, this knowledge becomes My power, My tool for your ultimate session experience; it also develops a bond of trust and communication second to none. With your trust and My power, I can take you to places you never thought possible.

Mistress Elaina standing in dungeon wearing a black strap on, from the viewpoint of a kneeling submissive

I digress; so what makes this little bitch squirm? Being found out, being called out, being shamed and ridiculed for their misdemeanours. As they were found masturbating, this became the focus of the entire session. For two glorious hours, the slut was made to masturbate under My gaze, so painfully close to orgasm, knowing each time they begged, it would be refused. The longing in their voice, the pleading for release....only to be laughed at and denied. Teased mercilessly at their predicament. To add insult to injury, they had to suck My big black cock whilst still stroking their pathetic pindick. Quite funny, actually, how hard it is for a boy to multi-task. I keep saying this to My sissy, Michelle, as she gets far too greedy when it comes to cock sucking. She wants it all to herself and gets so preoccupied with what's happening to her, the poor poppet, that she forgets to service her partner. I'm forever scolding her for this, and I insist she keeps practising until she gets it right.

Oh My, digressing again! Humiliation, in this instance, being found out and made to do the very thing they were caught doing and then denying the end result (their ultimate aim) is just sooooo funny. It makes me so so happy I have this hold, this power, that they will do ANYTHING for Me in that moment. This is total power exchange/control, and whilst it gives Me an enormous buzz, it also drives and humbles Me.

My laughter at your demise is possibly one of the greatest tools of humiliation I have at My disposal. It is often said in session feedback how evil it is, but at the same time so deliciously sexy, knowing how much you are pleasing Me with your displeasure.

Other forms of humiliation include, but are not limited to;

  • Paraded in public (consent dependent)

  • Forced eating/drinking/cock sucking

  • Water/Hardsports

  • Forced to do menial, usually pointless tasks

  • Human furniture (although note some may see this as more service-orientated)

  • Name-calling

  • Spitting/smoking at them

As I have mentioned above, this list is by no means exhaustive. It is also worth pointing out that although I am classing this as humiliation here, others may not find it humiliating at all. The main takeaway message, I suppose, is "How does humiliation make you feel"? If it makes you feel sad, then it's probably not the kink for you. If it makes something inside of you all warm and fuzzy, or you get a buzz of excitement, even if you don't understand how or why, then it might be something to explore. The purpose of your session is to put all your worries at the doorstep, allow yourself to explore your innermost kinks and find what ignites a passion within you.

So, what are you waiting for.........?

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