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Slave Michelle's Blog: August

Portrait of Michelle

Well, I started writing a blog last year, but it never really got started as life got in the way, but my owner Mistress Elaina has instructed me to maintain a monthly log as her sissy slave from today.

First, my views on being owned and surviving a Mistress, as far as I'm concerned, I'm not serving a Mistress but a human being with the same emotions as everyone else. I am devoted to my Mistress, whether she is all dressed up in makeup or has just woken up in the morning.

if you are owned, then you are making a commitment to that Mistress, so it is important that you are devoted and care for that person and committed to only serving that Mistress. Okay, I have helped other Mistresses out, but that has been on the instructions and blessings of my owner

I am approaching two years owned, and I still have a lot to learn, but I'm so enjoying myself. I felt naturally submissive straight away to Mistress, but over the years, I have grown to love to submit to a person, a human being, not an object.

I think the main quality I have is reliability. If I promise Mistress I will do something, I will. I still have a lot to learn cleaning-wise and being a sissy, but Mistress is a very patient teacher.

Even though I'm so devoted and trusted, I can sometimes forget my place. Mistress trusts me with the key once a week to clean my cage, and this month I not only forgot to ask permission but also forgot my place and told Mistress what I was going to do, which is completely unacceptable. Mistress scolded me, which was bad enough but then gave me 200 lines of "I must remember my place at Mistress' feet and beg forgiveness". I would have preferred 200 strokes of the cane, but I don't think I will forget my place in a hurry.

Being praised by Mistress brings me joy, and being told off by Mistress brings me sadness. That's how I know my dynamic is right.

You only live once, enjoy it?