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Slave Michelle's Blog: March

Portrait of Michelle

This is just an update on my life being Mistress Elaina`s slave and how much I am enjoying myself and enjoying life.

Mistress allowed me to have a second tattoo. I decided on a picture of Lulu from Final Fantasy X, which is on my left leg at the top. I was happy that my Mistress came along for support on the day. This demonstrates Her understanding of my insecurities and needs and that She proactively engages in my daily life to help me be the best version of myself.

I love the relationship I have with Mistress. It can be quite difficult emotionally, but having that personal connection is fantastic and I know the dynamic is correct for me because if Mistress is unhappy with me, it makes me unhappy. If the dynamic were not right I would not care. It has been two years since being owned by Mistress Elaina and 3 years that I have known Her and I am just as devoted today as I was then. I am looking forward to many more years of being owned by Mistress Elaina, but I feel I need to work harder on making Her happy. I feel being owned is not for everybody, but being owned by Mistress Elaina is 100% right for me as I think about Her every day while also understanding my place and boundaries.

I had a photo shoot last month with a few of Mistress's friends, which Mistress arranged. It was great fun. We were in a playspace in Southampton, which was very well equipped and had a very nice atmosphere. We got some fantastic pictures. I had a chance to try on a few of my outfits and different poses.

Mistress set my task this month of getting the ingredients to bake a cake and cook it under Her guidance which was so much fun. I then served it to Her and Mistress Femme Fatale and I think they both enjoyed it.

I am very much looking forward to April as my Owner has been invited to an event in Somerset by Mistress Sapphire (whom I have known for over 20 years and have the highest respect for). I am very excited as my Mistress has said that I am to attend with Her. I am excited not just for the event but also for seeing a Mistress that I have not only had many great fun sessions with in the past but also had been a great friend when I needed one years ago when I was going to give up the BDSM lifestyle. My Mistress has told me I will be sleeping in the dungeon and attending to all of the Mistress’s needs all weekend. I am nervous but also excited at the same time! Time to get my maid’s uniform clean and ironed.

I think I say this in every blog but enjoy life. Regret is part of being alive, just make it a small part.


Thank you, Mistress Elaina, for giving me this space to express myself