The Cruel Huntress; Dominant Ladies hunting submissive prey

Mistress in Blue latex with a crown.
Mistress Elaina

A couple of weeks late due to being as busy as ever, but at last I write.....

The Cruel Huntress - Why hunt animals when you can hunt humans? For those of you that are interested in participating in real life human hunts welcome to the realm of the all-conquering Cruel Huntresses ; The Cruel Huntress Fetlife Group

It was a few years back, I had the pleasure of firing a loaned BB gun at the arse of a keen submissive participant I met at an event in Bedfordshire. Upon further discussion they spoke of "The Cruel Huntress", an event in which dominant ladies hunt submissive "prey" (male and female identifying individuals) with paintball guns. My interest was piqued!

In order to enter the hunt, one must be vetted by the organisers. This is typically by way of recommendation by a current member whom you've met and can vouch for you. Applications are also taken online, however vettings are usually undertaken at either a London munch or telephone call. It's an informal chat really, to check you are aware and understand the intricacies of the implications of consent, amongst other things. The event itself is quite small, about 15 Huntresses and 15 prey, to keep the group dynamics and to ensure everyone's safety.

Now, down to the day itself!

After travelling to the private venue, I was greeted and welcomed by the organisers, whom made me feel very welcome from the start. It wasn't long before I was chatting to everyone about the upcoming hunt, there were about half of us that were "new" to the event, the rest being seasoned Huntresses and prey. This ensures a good mix of experience and new "blood" to the scene!

The day kicked off with the first game, after an initial safety briefing and demonstration of how the paintball guns worked. I found my shooting style was that of a sniper very quickly! Laying in the long grass or hiding behind orchard trees was definitely my forte ;-)

The prey can wear clothing, however they all chose to be naked or with lingerie, with just face protection (and genital protection for the men). Once caught they are subjected to whatever the Huntress desires for a few minutes (within their own limits, which are worn on their collars). This ranged on the day from humiliation tasks such as hopping on one leg singing nursery rhymes, to impromptu ball busting, to being used a human furniture!

After a short break (refreshments, snacks, lunch, first aid all provided) we were back to it with a couple more games, some to encourage team building, some for just sheer enjoyment. My personal favourite was probably the "whack a mole" (human version) with foam tipped bows and arrows! I was a shocking shot though! More practice required!

A wonderful lunch was served by all of the prey, before they could serve themselves. It was plentiful and catered for all dietary requirements.

Finally, the slave auction! TCH currency was won from one of the games. With this currency the Huntresses were able to bid for the slaves for their use at the end of the day. I bid (and won) on two slaves that I got to abuse. It was apparent from their "sales pitches" that they both enjoyed watersports, so the first task was for one to run off and fetch me fruit juice. The other endured some particulary funny (for me) zapping with their electic zapper. The screams were so girly. They also requested some deep throat dildo sucking training. I was of course, happy to oblige in this training. All around us in the venue there were various tasks being performed, ranging from massages to shibari, to ballbusting to interpretive "dance" ;-)

The day ended with an optional dinner at a local restaurant. This allowed us all to gather together as one and discuss (discreetly) the adventures of the day and to swap contact details.

The next Cruel Huntress is in a couple of months' time....and yes, I am going!

Elaina x