Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some often-asked questions that may help answer yours.

Do You accept same day bookings?

No, I am very busy. I prefer sessions when I have had time to mentally and physically prepare, for both our sakes.

Are Your rates negotiable?

No. My hourly rate is £200, and part thereof. For example, an hour and a half would be £300

Travel and accommodation expenses are extra.

Why do You charge a booking fee?

It secures My time, the venue's time and the time spent preparing for your session.

The minimum booking fee is £75, but will be more for longer or more complicated sessions. I will advise you of the booking fee in our initial conversation.

The booking fee is non-refundable, however, with more than 24 hours' notice, it can be transferrable to a later session, should there be exceptional circumstances.

Do you accommodate or do home visits?

I work from discreet and professional premises ranging from a less intimidating domestic setting to more extreme dungeon environments. These are based in Portsmouth, Southsea and Milton Keynes. The usage of these premises is included in your session fee.

If you are willing to cover travel and accommodation expenses, I will travel throughout the UK and Europe. I also occasionally do tours, so keep an eye on My social media and website, as you may find I'm at a location near you.

Home visits can be arranged, but will have some special conditions applied to ensure my safety.

I want to pay by cash, how do I pay the booking fee?

You're very welcome to pay by cash at the time of our session, but your booking fee needs to be paid upfront before we meet.

The simplest way to do this with cash is to purchase a gift certificate code from a supermarket, which can be sent to Me to redeem.

If you would like to pay with cash, please let Me know in your booking message, and we can discuss your options.

Any advice on how best to approach You?

It is down to Me to decide who I session with, and there is no guarantee that I will choose to session with you.

It is down to you to approach Me in a way that will keep My interest in you. Be polite and be respectful. Be friendly! Don't assume anything, and keep your expectations in check.

I wade through many bogus queries and timewasters, so make your message genuine and well thought out. Making even a small contribution from my wish lists will certainly help you get in my good books.

This is in your best interest as it will ensure you get the best experience, once we have our time together.

I am new to the scene, can You help me?


Everyone has to start somewhere, and it would be My pleasure to start you on your journey into the wonderful world of BDSM.

I don't like pain, can I still see You?

Yes, absolutely. The worlds of BDSM and fetish are full of pleasures as well as pain, and I would enjoy exploring these with you.

The types of play experiences I offer include tie-and-tease, sensory deprivation, and humiliation, as well as allowing you to experiment with your favourite fetish. You'll find these and more on the services page.

Can I request You wear something specific?

Yes, you may. However, I ultimately decide what to wear and if the suggested attire suits the session. I cater for Latex, Leather, and PVC fetish. If you wish to purchase something specific, please discuss this with Me first so I can advise My body measurements.

Will You go beyond my limits?

Absolutely not! Your limits and safe words are discussed before your booking. Whilst part of the 'fun' of the session is to push your limits/boundaries, they will not be exceeded. 

NOTE: I pride Myself on being a great reader of body language. I find that safe words are rarely used in My sessions. However, rest assured, I will push your limits, and if you do not respect the need for a safe word, then you are not the player for Me.

Do you have a preferred gender or body type?

You can book a session with Me regardless of your gender, gender identity, race, body type, hair colour or music tastes.

I enjoy playing with a wide variety of people from many different backgrounds.

Do You provide hand jobs/oral/etc?

No. Whilst some of My colleagues may do so, I do not. I provide FemDom and BDSM services. I do not offer services of a sexual nature. I dominate the body and mind.