Genuine testimonials from clients who have sessioned with Me.

I had not played for over 18 months due to the madness that had been going on in this world, but I so wanted to try a session again as I feel submission is always part of me.

I am always very nervous about contacting a Mistress for the first time, but Mistress Elaina was fantastic, allowing an email contact before the session and also having a short chat to alleviate my worries before the session started.

I was very nervous when I arrived, but Mistress put me at ease as soon as She opened the door and, as promised, set me down and listened to any fears I had.

What happened next was a fantastic 2-hour session! Mistress was very firm and dominant but also understanding, carefully judging how far to push me the first time and always checking to make sure I was OK.

I requested sissy training along with some CP, water sports and smoking fetish. Mistress delivered it all very skillfully over the 2 hours, and I don't know where the time went.

The thing that struck me most was how much Mistress was enjoying herself. I have had many sessions since my first, and everyone has been different. And Mistress Elaina also has enjoyed each one (you can tell), and I consider myself lucky that I'm locked up and under Mistress Elaina’s control.


Are there enough superlatives to REALLY describe a session with this Adorable Lady? After my experience today, I think, "It's a NO from me"! Madame Elaina is, without a doubt, THE most Amazing Lady I have EVER visited; you are guaranteed an experience FAR beyond ANYTHING you may have had previously. Every last detail of your session wishes will be included, provided, of course, that they are within Madame's own, and if you feel that your limits are being pushed too far, there is the "traffic light" system, all of which is very clearly explained before the session begins.

Being able to worship and adore a Most Beautiful Genuine Horsewoman(or two, as Madame has an equally Adorable friend who can attend), who really "gets" the whole Equestrian Fetish "scene" was just beyond ANYTHING I had experienced before in some 32 years...that, for me, just sums it up!

Thank You, Madame, for quite an amazing day...and Your Riding Knickers are utterly divine, too!

Kindest regards and even more Kinky Horsey Thoughts

From Your Masked Horsewoman's, Bottom Sniffing, Stableboy


I still can't quite believe how nervous I was. Fortunately, once I had spoken to you on the phone for directions, I began to calm and then once I had met you, I felt a whole lot better. You looked absolutely stunning, Mistress.

I thoroughly enjoyed being Your plaything, Your toy. I loved being tied up, having my cock and balls tied and being teased and tortured. I don't think I have ever felt quite as much pain in my balls before, and there were a couple of points when I'd considered using 'orange', but I was determined to hold out, especially as it was making You laugh so much. I have no idea of the psychology of how that works. I have a feeling You knew exactly how close I was to my limit and played it well. I could still feel pain in my balls this morning but there was no marking, and they are feeling better now, thank goodness. The ball weights were fun, and I impressed myself with the volume of weights You applied before it pulled off.

And strapon play! Just the sight of a woman wearing a strap-on is pretty much enough to bring me to my knees. I don't even need to have it used on me! I have shied away from admitting this in the past and so probably have not enjoyed strapon play as much as I could have. Yesterday was just perfect. You were gentle with me at first, and then it felt you got pretty rough with me, which was just what I needed.

Oh, and the taste of my cum is just so awful. I hated and loved licking it off the floor especially when you pushed me down onto it. It's another thing which I cannot understand why it's a turn-on for me. I couldn't do it on my own. Kinks are so strange but fascinating sometimes.

I certainly enjoyed the way You bring a sense of humour into proceedings, and it comes across that You enjoy what You do. You certainly did a great job of putting me at ease until we started, and You swiftly gave my bottom a quick spank which quickly got my attention, lol.

Thank you again for yesterday